Online Appearances

Reviewed in the LARB

Nicholas Whittaker wrote about Why it’s OK to Love Bad Movies alongside Rax King’s Tacky.

Cows in the Field

I join Justin and Laura Khoo for a wide-ranging discussion of all five Twilight movies.

Cinematic Underdogs

This is a sports movie podcast and we had a great time talking about the way Cliffhanger combines sports tropes with a Die Hard scenario.

You Missed My Childhood

I talked Freddy Got Fingered with my old friends Jeff and Ali.

Zoom colloquium with Nick Riggle

We discuss bad movie love, aesthetic community, and Tokyo Drift.

Polite Conversations

Loving bad movies (2022)

Disagreeing about art on the internet (2020)

Cult & Trash Horror Movie Grind

Why We Love Bad Movies (roundtable discussion, including Darren Ewing from Troll 2) YouTube Facebook

Leprechaun 4: In Space YouTube Facebook